Litechee is a NEW Litecoin Dividend token which rewards our holders in LiteCoin dividends. Through our close connections, all extremely talented and skilled in technical departments, we will bring to you the cutest fruit NFTs and retro style browser games which you can play to earn airdrops.

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Phase 1

Create Telegram
Set Up Social Media
Website V1
Announce Launch

Phase 2

Beginning Competitions
Initial Marketing Plans
Contract Verification & Communtity VC AMA
500 Telegram Members
First Litechee Game

Phase 3

Incorporate P2E Features
Large Scale Marketing Push
Community Moderation Establishment
CoinGecko Listing
500 Holders
1000 Telegram Members

Phase 4

NFT Minting
Rewards Dashboard
Litechee Holder Awards
2000 Holders
5000 Telegram Members
CMC Application